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The following policy relates to all tours when representing Aylesford Bulls RFC and came in effect on 23 August 2014.
The following tour policies should be followed:
 Tour plans must be submitted to the Club Secretary for Board approval at least eight weeks in advance of the Tour especially if you intend to go abroad as RFU Permissions are required.
 The Tour must conform to RFU guidelines which can be found here: RFU Managing Rugby Tours
and if touring with children extra resources can be found here: RFU Managing Rugby Tours – Resources & Forms
For your convenience, we have placed the following documents at the bottom this page.
RFU Tour Guidelines – These guidelines have been designed to support clubs taking young people away on tour. The guidelines focus on a step-by-step process of planning ensuring that the young people have a positive and safe experience when on tour.
A Safeguarding Guide – This guide’s aim is to ensure that no players or staff come to any harm or become ill unnecessarily.
 All Playing tourists must be paid-up Members of the club at the time of the tour and it should be noted that the club’s insurance will not cover Non-Members.
 A Tour Manager should be appointed.
 All tours must be self-funding.
 Full travel and sports injury insurance is mandatory. The RFU recommends Marsh Insurance although cover by another company is permissible. Insurance must be applied for at least six weeks in advance of the travel date particularly in the case of foreign tours as the RFU permission to tour form requires the insurance policy number. The club RFU Marsh Insurance will cover serious injury as normal if touring in the Home Nations.
 Tours must be as inclusive as possible, regardless of player’s financial situation.
 If playing full contact rugby all tours including incoming must occur within the season (September to April) and overseas tours must occur within the host nation’s season.
 Sponsorship can be organised by any section or age group with the monies being used solely for the reduction of tour costs for that section or age group.
 Medical forms must be filled in by all players (senior) or parent/guardian for juniors to alert Tour Managers and first aiders of any pre-existing medical conditions and to give their permission for medical treatment to be provided in case of emergency.
 At least one qualified first aider must be on tour and attend all training sessions and games. The first aider must be equipped with a first aid kit and fill in accident reports if necessary in line with club policy.
 A full list of tourists contact details must be provided prior to departure and held by the Tour Manager during the tour. A copy of these details must be lodged with the Club Secretary in case of emergency.
 If touring outside of the Home Nations RFU permission must be obtained. The RFU Notification of Proposed Overseas Tour form must be completed and signed off by the Club Secretary at least six weeks before the departure date. For your convenience, we have placed on the website an Application form if you wish to Tour Overseas.
 A European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is mandatory for all tourists when touring within Europe. These should be acquired at least three weeks before departure.
 If you arrange any incoming tours please ensure you have notified the Board, obtained permission to host the tour from the RFU, and booked pitches, referees and the Clubhouse
 A tour report should be submitted to the Board on return. For overseas tours an RFU Tour Report form should be completed and given to a Board member for forwarding to the RFU.
 All tourists must abide by the Code of Rugby whilst on tour. 18. Finally, all tourists must understand that they are representing the Club, County and Country (when travelling overseas) and as such should behave responsibly and respectfully in particular to the opposition players, supporters and officials.
Additional requirements for Junior Tours
 All tourists having a supervisory role on junior tours must hold a current DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service – formerly CRB) check .
 One person should be appointed to oversee and advise on safeguarding issues.
 At least one coach per age group must be qualified to at least RFU Level 1.
 Tour plans must be approved by the Board at least six weeks prior to departure.
 Parents and siblings should be encouraged to attend however unaccompanied children are permitted to tour providing a nominated guardian has been appointed. A consent form is available from the club.
 All touring kits must be offered to club kit supplier 1st and kit be approved by the club committee.
Before touring, please check all details on with Kent RFU and submit your tour form to the club Secretary, please just click on the coach below